At our ConnectIT 2020 event we announced that Cloudmarque, our new cloud initiative, would be released under Open Source licenses. In this (first!) post on our technical blog I’ll be setting out our plans for this release, and what you can expect to see released over the next few weeks.

Where does Cloudmarque come from?

Trustmarque have been delivering cloud-based IT projects of all shapes and sizes for many years. Over that period, we’ve found ourselves returning time and again to specific collections of scripts, documentation, and design patterns which we tailor to the needs of individual projects. It is this common core which we’re transforming into Cloudmarque.

Our customers frequently ask us to complement their in-house IT capability by taking some responsibility for running their cloud-based IT estate, either as a managed platform or in support of specific applications. By combining the ways-of-working from our Managed Service teams with a more centrally managed set of tools, we’re able to safely and efficiently roll richer features and best-practise conventions to a wider customer base.

Making the design principles, tooling, and operational model Open Source allows us to share this capability with our customers. This supports the needs that our customers frequently express to support their cloud aspirations with expertise, whilst not losing control of how those cloud environments are managed and operated. Customers can develop their in-house capabilities alongside Trustmarque support using common ways-of-working as a basis for learning and competency development.

What is the release schedule?

At present our code is stored in Azure DevOps repositories. We’ll be migrating these over to GitHub, and updating our automated build, test, and release processes to work with the new code locations. Our plan is:

Phase 1 - Documentation

Expected to be completed during week of 15-19 June 2020.

  • Publishing the new Trustmarque Documentation website as a “preview”
  • Releasing the Markdown content for the Cloudmarque documentation in a GitHub repository
  • Updating website links to refer to GitHub documentation and reconfiguring build pipelines
  • Adding the ConnectIT presentation to the Cloudmarque homepage

Phase 2 - PowerShell tools

Expected to be completed during week of 22-26 June 2020.

  • Publishing Cloudmarque PowerShell Tools for Azure in a GitHub repository
  • Connect the build pipelines, and pushing auto-generated command documentation to the Docs site
  • Set up branches, projects, and migrate open issues to GitHub
  • Publish the module to the PowerShell Gallery

Phase 3 - Quality of life

Expected to be completed during week of 29-3 July 2020.

  • Add quickstart tutorials based on use of published modules
  • Connect up documentation links back to GitHub repo locations where required
  • Enable search engine indexing (you won’t find links from Google/Bing until this is done)

In addition we expect to be releasing new content to the Docs site with user guides for our web-based services.

Our initial focus for Cloudmarque is to migrate the code and practises for the most common customer workloads, typically traditional VMs and web apps. In a later post, we’ll also outline our feature roadmap and priorities over the next quarter as we look to incorporate more of our technology capability into the Cloudmarque framework.

We’ll update this page as the tasks outlined above are completed.