Introducing Cloudmarque

Cloudmarque is a free Open Source Cloud Reference Architecture developed by Trustmarque, comprising reusable building blocks, rationalised operational processes, and tools for effective management of a cloud estate. The current standard supports only Microsoft Azure.

Watch the launch event

Cloudmarque was launched at Trustmarque’s ConnectIT event in June 2020, watch Nathan Kitchen’s introduction to the project!

What is it?

Cloudmarque defines a common vocabulary (or “ubiquitous language”) for discussing cloud estates, with template solutions to common problems encountered while adopting and managing cloud services.

Cloudmarque is formed of three major components, all of which are Open Source:

  • A Reference Architecture, describing the characteristics, responsibilities, and interfaces of the resources that comprise a cloud estate.
  • An Operating Model, describing the maintenance activities, roles, and operating procedures involved in operating a cloud estate aligned to the Cloudmarque Reference Architecture.
  • Some Tools for automating common tasks.

Together these represent a comprehensive conceptual model for the adoption of cloud services.

Why Cloudmarque?

Our time spent building cloud estates for public and private sector organisations led us to develop reusable architectures, documentation, and tools. We watched as consolidation and standardisation drove efficiency and innovation in our business, and finally chose to release these tools as an open source Cloudmarque project so that others could use them too.

Read more about why we decided to do this over on our Tech Blog post from our Chief Cloud Architect, Nathan Kitchen.

We released the original framework as Open Source because we believe quality cloud tooling is:

  • Free to use

    Released and continuously developed under the popular MIT licence, the Cloudmarque architecture and tooling are free forever. You can copy and extend the framework for your own use without paying a fee or licence.

  • Built collaboratively

    Many organisations have in-house teams who manage their cloud environments; an open standard creates a common language and conceptual framework for describing new deployments. It can be extended privately or shared in public (we encourage you to submit pull requests with new functionality!) ensuring that everyone benefits from the wisdom of every experience.

  • Minimises vendor lock-in

    Cloudmarque doesn’t require any closed-source vendor tooling. You are free to deploy third-party tooling to augment management of your cloud estate where you need it! The framework provides guidance for assessing tooling and mapping it to a wider Reference Architecture.

  • Enables seamless service transition

    When you need to augment, extend, or backfill your IT capability you can seamlessly transition between in-house and partner services (or between two different partners) who support the same architectural and operational standards. This flexibility is only enabled by common ways of working, which is what Cloudmarque aims to define.

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