Secure your cloud environment with centralised lifecycle management of keys for access control and encryption.


A Key stack is a resource (or collection of resources) designed to maintain sensitive system access values. These may take the form of secrets, passwords, tokens, or certificates. The role of the Key stack is to deliver:

  • Secure storage of key values.
  • Secure provision of keys to cloud resources and automated processes.
  • Retirement of keys upon expiry or renewal.

Secrets are typically created by external systems or apps, not by the Key stack itself.


Cloudmarque workload components use a service locator pattern to identify the services they provide and specify dependencies. This component provides and relies on the following services:

  • Capabilities

    This component creates resources with the following service tags:

    • Secrets - Each new secret store is given a specific service based on the type of secret it is designed to store.
  • Dependencies

    • Logging - A logging service is required by each secret store, and is used as the target store for log events.
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