Endpoints Building Block

Connect your estate to the Internet, on-premises systems, and third-parties with a range of communication technologies.


Having identified a series of Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service cloud resources to host IT capability, the planned resources must be connected to the relevant users. These could include:

  • On-premises - Connectivity to employees in offices, or remotely working via organisational networks (e.g. VPNs).
  • Partners - Connectivity to partner organisations, often for the purpose of B2B automation via APIs.
  • Public/Users - Public connectivity, often for the purpose of enabling user self-service of business capability via web sites.

The Endpoints Building Block provides architectural components for securely connecting users to cloud resources.


Establish perimeter security with firewalls. Control traffic flow between your cloud resources and external networks, using both IaaS and PaaS resources.


Pass data between systems using cloud resources to support a range of messaging patterns.

Bastion Hosts

Equip your IT admins with jump-boxes to securely access and manage legacy applications or long-lived infrastructure.

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