Secure the perimeter of your cloud environment using "CloudGen" network virtual appliances and services.


A Firewall is a basic building block for perimeter security, allowing fine-grained control of the services exposed from one network to another. Both IaaS and PaaS services exist in this area, with a range of vendors and technologies offering management capability across Layer 3, Layer 4, and Layer 7 network traffic.

The role of the Firewall is to:

  • Verify the integrity of traffic flowing between cloud resources and networks
  • Enforce access rules and traffic flow between cloud resources and networks
  • Optionally, transform or re-route traffic to cloud resources (e.g. Layer 7 SSL offload, URL routing)

Firewalls can be used to establish perimeter security for both IaaS and PaaS services. This should be seen as part of a more comprehensive approach to security.


Cloudmarque workload components use a service locator pattern to identify the services they provide and specify dependencies. This component provides and relies on the following services:

  • Capabilities

    This component creates resources with the following service tags:

    • Gateway - A new network gateway is published.
  • Dependencies

    • Logging - A logging service is required to track activity on the network.
    • Network - (L3/4 firewalls only) A network location to use for the firewall.
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