Compute nodes

Virtual Machines are the flexible workhorse compute units of IaaS deployments, requiring careful management processes to maintain healthy systems.


A Compute node is a virtual machine, or collection of virtual machines, designed to run a workload which may incorporate processing and storage elements. This is a traditional virtualised compute capability. The cloud vendor provides the virtual hardware, while the customer is responsible for managing:

  • Operating System settings and updates
  • Framework and middleware deployment, configuration, and updates
  • Software application deployment, configuraiton, and updates

In addition the customer is responsible for:

  • Anti-virus scanning, including malware detection and removal
  • Backups and restoration processes (for non-transient data workloads, or stateful applications)
  • Enabling and configuring encryption processes

The role of the Compute node is to deliver:

  • A collection of virtual resources including:
    • Processing power
    • Memory
    • Persistent storage
  • An initial operating system to manage the virtual resources
  • Connectivity and processes to access and configure the compute node
  • Optionally: resilience and scaling capability


Cloudmarque workload components use a service locator pattern to identify the services they provide and specify dependencies. This component provides and relies on the following services:

  • Capabilities

    • Apps - Named application services which may be leveraged by other cloud resources or compute nodes.
  • Dependencies

    • Logging - A logging service is required as a target for alerts regarding the health of the node.
    • Network - The network onto which this compute node will be deployed.
    • Automation (Configuration) - Configuration scripts for virtual machines to establish a target state.
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