Business Intelligence

Deploy a modern technology stack for extracting, consolidating, and transforming data which is then disseminated to users.


A BI stack brings together cloud resources for data storage, transformation, and publishing to deliver a comprehensive platform for delivering Business Intelligence capabilities to an organisation or department. The role of the BI stack is to:

  • Receive, persist, and safely erase historical data.
  • Transform, combine, and aggregate data to produce meaningful insights.
  • Visualise data.
  • Allow secure, personalised, controlled access to data.
  • Perform advanced analysis including predicting trends.
  • Trigger actions when actual or predicted measures reach defined thresholds.


Cloudmarque workload components use a service locator pattern to identify the services they provide and specify dependencies. This component provides and relies on the following services:

  • Capabilities

    This component creates resources with the following service tags:

    • Storage - A storage location for inbound data.
    • DB - A database for processed data
    • BI Processing - A compute resource for carrying out ETL processes (either on demand or via message triggers)
    • Visualisation - A compute resource for visualising the data, rendering graphs and dashboards
  • Dependencies

    • Logging - A logging service to track cloud activity.
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