Cloudmarque Operating Guide

Discover how to operate a Cloudmarque architecture by learning the operating procedures, responsibilities, and information flows required to keep your systems healthy. Click on an area to review in more detail.

Why DevOps?

The Cloudmarque Operating Guide describes a DevOps-oriented approach to managing a cloud estate with the following characteristics:

  1. Streamlined Teams

    A unified team combining both Development and Operations, (or change and run resources) enable smooth rollout of new systems. Teams are typically defined by “product”, or “value stream” and have work arranged by a Product Owner. All the skills required to change and run a product are nurtured within the team, preserving expertise and encouraging learning.

  2. Continuous Improvement

    Faster innovation through cyclical delivery with the right expertise

  3. Reduced waste

    Dev/Run transition is cleaner and fast feedback, effective team prioritisation.

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