Getting started

Find out how to transform your organisation to deliver efficient cloud operational capabilites with the Cloudmarque Operating Guide.

The adoption area provides advice and guidance on rolling out the Operational Model described by Cloudmarque in your own organisation.

Any rollout must be tailored to the target organisational context. Reading through the sections outlined below will help to envision a target operating model relevant to your organisation’s context.

  1. Understand the principles

    Read about why we chose to base Cloudmarque on Agile delivery principles, and see how the subsequent implementation advice is underpinned by sound delivery theory.

  2. Identify required systems

    The Operating Model describes interactions between people, process, and technology. In this section, a range of information systems are described in terms of role, audience, and characteristics.

  3. Plan your teams

    Consider the different team roles involved in delivering operational capability, how they interact, and the various ways to separate responsibility between teams.

  4. Establish ceremony

    Set times for collaboration with the right participants, agenda, and objectives. This guide explains the different types of meeting involved in running Agile teams, and provides guidance for rolling these out.

  5. Develop competency

    Understand the values, culture, and skills required to successfully operate cloud environments, with tips for assessing your current capability and suggestions for increasing that capability.

The Adoption Checklist provides a shorter, more concise “cheat sheet” describing a phased rollout of cloud operational capability.

With teams in place, your organisation is ready to begin deploying and managing a cloud workload using an “assess, migrate, and transform” strategy, which will be outlined in a future section of the Operational Model.

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