Backlog Refinement

Review the current backlog of work items, adding new items, consolidating and decomposing existing items, and setting relative priority.


Set clear work item priorities and iteratively improve the granularity of deliverable work.

  • For delivery teams to effectively plan the next sprint in line with business needs.
  • For product owners to understand constraints, options, and potential delivery order.

Participants and Responsibilities

  • Product Owner

    • Schedule the meeting and invite participants.
    • Host the meeting and run the agenda.
  • Sprint Team Representative

    • Challenge presented requirements to identify the most desirable characteristics of the delivery: quality, time to market, or agility.
    • Explain potential solution options, constraints, and dependencies.
    • Help decompose the requested functionality into deliverable tasks (Epics, Features, Sprints)


Backlog refinement should take place at least once per iteration and must be completed prior to the last day of the sprint. This is important to ensure that the priorities are set, and stories scheduled, in good time for the team performing Sprint Planning.

Example Agenda

  1. Provide a sprint update
  2. Review and update the backlog
  3. Action review
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