Team Sync

Work openly and transparently with other technical delivery teams to proactively identify opportunities and resolve conflicts.


Co-ordinate change by sharing progress and plans with other technical teams in order to:

  • Exploit opportunities for efficiency
  • Avoid resource and planning conflicts

In Agile (Scrum) parlance, this ceremony is referred to as a “Scrum of Scrums”.

Participants and Responsibilities

  • Team Representatives One member of each delivery team should attend the Team Sync. This member does not have to be the most technically proficient person on the team.

    One representative should be designated the meeting host, with responsibility for:

    • Schedule the meeting and manage the participant list
    • Host the meeting and run the agenda
    • Delegate running the meeting to another member in their absence


Team Sync should happen as often as is necessary. For projects requiring large amounts of co-ordination, a daily meeting may be necessary. This meeting could be weekly, fortnightly, or even monthly.

Example Agenda

  1. Host confirms participants and shares any absences
  2. Team representatives provide a short overview of their work, covering:

    1. What they have achieved and any key learning points
    2. What they are currently working on
    3. Blockers: any factors putting deliveries at risk or causing inefficiencies
  3. Host leads a short discussion on where teams can collaborate to remove blockers, share knowledge, and reduce risks.
  4. Host confirms:

    1. Any follow-up actions, including meetings, objectives, and attendees
    2. Actions to communicate/escalate new risks
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