Cloudmarque operational automation is powered by the ability to tag cloud resources with management metadata.

Tagging capabilities vary between cloud platforms. Cloudmarque is designed to operate within the tagging capabilities of Azure and AWS.

Standard tags

The following tags may be applied to any resource in a cloud environment.

Tag Type Description
cm-apps JArray Tags a resource with names of the application(s) that it supports.
cm-charge String Tags a resource with a cost center for billing management.
cm-delete JObject Tags a resource for deletion at a specified date and time
cm-owner Email The contact details of an individual or group who is responsible for management of the resource, including escalating issues to the relevant department.
cm-service Hierarchy Tags a resource as providing a named service for dependency management.
cm-source JArray Tags a resource with information that can be used to trace its origins.
cm-type String Tags a resource with information that can be used to identify its type.
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