Tags a resource with a cost center for billing management.

Supports complex billing scenarios by indicating that the costs for the tagged resource should be aggregated against this identifier. Only a single “Bill To” reference can be tagged against a resource.

Hierarchical billing can be supported using Bill To values following an agreed convention such as root.parent.child.leaf, and performing custom processing on the resulting usage data from a cloud bill.



For more information, please refer to Tag value types.


  1. TEXT where:

    • TEXT (String) - Use any organisational reference or canonical name to assign charges.
    For example:
    • HR - Assign charges for this resource to the HR department
    • 123-45-6 - Assign charges for this resource to the specified account number

  2. ROOT.BRANCH.LEAF where:

    For example:
    • ACME.HR.RECRUITMENT - Assign charges for this resource to "Recruitment" in the ACME HR department