Tags a resource as providing a named service for dependency management.

Enables the service locator pattern by marking resources as providing specific services to other resources. For example, a value of core.logging.resources indicates that the resource provides logging services to cloud resources. When another resource is deployed, it may be configured with this named dependency, which can then be usde to identify and connect to relevant services in the cloud environment.



For more information, please refer to Tag value types.


  1. Hierarchy where:

    • Service (Hierarchy) - A dot-segmented name identifying a service in a wider hierarchy of service types.
    For example:
    • iaas.vnet.web.dmz - Indicates an infrastructure VNET in a web-facing DMZ. The first two segments of the service are set automatically by Cloudmarque tooling, while remaining segments can be used to identify sub-resources in a specific implementation scenario.