Track your online purchases, licence allocation, and finances to gain visibility of IT spend across your organisation.

Gain Extra Sensory Perception across your IT estate with Cloud-ESP! Through our online portal you can:

  • View Microsoft 365 licence usage across multiple Azure AD tenants
  • Rightsize user-based Microsoft licensing through CSP subscriptions
  • Track consumption-based spend across CSP and EA subscriptions
  • View bills, manage wallets, and allocate subscription costs
  • View orders in a single place (including from the Store)
  • Access PRISM dashboards for deeper insights into IT Asset Management

Screenshot of the Cloud-ESP landing page
Cloud-ESP Dashboard
Screenshot of group-based access management
Set access controls
Screenshot of the Cloud-ESP landing page
PRISM dashboards hosted in Cloud-ESP

Get started

Access to Cloud-ESP is granted by individual invite. You will automatically be sent an invite to access Cloud-ESP when you do one of the following:

  1. Purchase licences or Azure plans through the Microsoft CSP programme
  2. Sign up for one of our PRISM Managed Services
  3. Contract with Trustmarque for supply of hardware through our store

Cloud-ESP partitions data access at an organisation level. Your account will belong to a specific organisation. The first user invited to access Cloud-ESP will be granted the Owner role.


Cloud-ESP supports four different roles for users. Each role has permission to access different areas of the portal and to manage different resources.

Role name Subscriptions PRISM Billing Users
Billing Admin  
PRISM User