Raise and manage tickets relating to incidents and service requests for your organisation's Managed Services using our Support portal.

IT Service Management is provided via our Support portal. Customers can view, update, and manage both Incidents and Service Requests using technology which is tightly integrated with our Service Desk Team.

  • 24/7 access to tickets which track incidents and service requests
  • Full email integration for threaded ticket communication
  • Allow service managers to manage all of your organisational tickets
  • Automatic status change notifications simplify tracking

Support is a fully managed cloud ITSM system, hosted in UK data centres.

Screenshot of the Support portal
Support portal
Screenshot of the Support portal ticket creation screen
Self-service ticket creation
Screenshot of the Support ticket overview
Manage ongoing incidents and requests

Get started

Access to our Support portal is provided to all our Managed Service customers. A complete introduction to its features, alongside users and permission configuration, are carried out as part of our standard service initiation activities.

If you would like to raise a ticket outside a Managed Service context (for example if you have a “General enquiry”) you must Register for an account.