Register for Support

To access Support services and raise tickets you must register a user account which will be used for ongoing communication.

Create an account

To raise or review tickets you must first register with the Support portal to create an account. If you do not have an account you will not be able to access the Support portal.

  1. Visit the Support portal

    You can register for a new account directly on the website.

    Screenshot of the expanded user menu
    Register through the user menu
  2. Complete the account registration form

    Provide the information required in the account registration form.

    • Email Address - Used to identify you, and for ticket communications.
    • Full Name - Used to address you as part of any ongoing communications.
    • Phone Number(s) - Optionally provide direct contact details for if we need to reach you.
    • Time Zone - Optionally override the time zone used for ticket timings.
    • Password - Create a password to access your account.

    Once you are ready, click on Register.

    Screenshot of the account registration page
    Complete the fields to register
  3. Check your emails

    You will be shown a message confirming next steps.

    Screenshot of the account confirmation message
    An email confirmation is sent

    Your account has been registered, but is not yet active. To complete registration you must wait for a confirmation email which will contain a verification link. The email subject line will be: “Welcome to Trustmarque”.

    No email?
    Please check your spam or junk folders in case the verification email has been incorrectly categorised by your email provider.

    With your account now verified you can proceed to Sign in with the account email and password you just created. Alternatively if your email address is associated with Azure AD for your organisation, you can use the Sign in with Microsoft button to sign in using SSO.

    Be sure to memorise or store your password securely (for example in a Password Manager). It is your responsibility to keep it safe. Never share your password with anyone else.

Raise a general ticket

If you do not have a Managed Service or commercial relationship with Trustmarque and wish to raise a ticket for support then the following categories for general enquiries are recommended:

Help topic Recommended for…
Digital Platform / Cloud-ESP Enquiries or problems getting access to the Cloud-ESP application
Digital Platform / Support System Issues or questions about accessing the Support portal itself
Internal IT / Security If you would like to report a security incident or data breach
General Anything else