Share responsibility

Our services are designed around using Cloudmarque as an Open Standard for managing and maintaining your cloud environment. From advice and guidance services to full application management (and everything in between), our services have you covered.

Comparison of services by risk and responsibility transfer

We also offer a one-off engagement to enable your team, applying the same tooling that our managed services teams use to look after our customers. To speak to someone about any of our Cloud Managed Services, please contact our sales team.

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    Pro Connect
    Expert advice on demand

    Reach out to our friendly team of engineers to discuss best-practise, options, and risk mitigation when deploying and managing your cloud services.

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    Active Management
    Co- or fully-managed cloud

    Ensure your cloud environment is healthy using our core management components. Choose from co- or fully- managed options to retain or share resource change control.

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    App Hosting
    Let us look after your apps

    Provide installation media, code, docs, and service requirements and we'll give you a fixed cost for both running and maintaining your application in the cloud.

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