Kickstarter Engagement

A one-off service engagement to set up automation and delivery tooling for your Cloud team, complete with example reference deployment workloads.

Trustmarque’s Cloud Kickstarter is designed to launch your migration to the cloud with DevOps, underpinned by Open Source tooling to get you working more quickly, more securely, and in line with best practice.

Service Outcomes and Benefits

Kickstarter helps fast-track your organisation’s “journey to the cloud”, by:

  • Providing a one-time, fixed-cost Kickstarter engagement​ to equip your teams with automation principles and tooling needed to get started quickly

  • Collaboratively configuring tooling and samples that your Cloud Team can extend and adapt

  • Requiring no ongoing Cloud Managed Services once the engagement completes

  • Allowing you to set your own pace for your journey to the cloud

  • Ensuring that your environment is configured to best practice, and that your Cloud Team is equipped to effectively manage your environment on an ongoing basis

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