Cloud Teaming

We work in collaborative partnership with our customers, breaking down service siloes to deliver better outcomes, together.

What is Trustmarque CloudTeaming?

CloudTeaming is an approach to Cloud Management that goes beyond the scope of a traditional Managed Service Provider (MSP) to drive collaborative improvement across technology, people, skills, culture, and operational processes.

Our strategy is to create and nurture effective cloud management teams across organisational boundaries

How do we do it?

Effective teams are underpinned by trust and common practises. We aim to earn your trust by behaving openly and transparently as we collaborate with your teams.

Three pillars underpin this:

Purple tick for a shared technology vision

Shared technology vision

To create a shared vision of applied cloud technology we created Cloudmarque, a comprehensive framework encompassing architecture, operations, and tooling. This provides a central reference for how cloud environments can be designed, built, and operated which can be extended and adapted to your organisation's context.

Orange tick for transparent working practises

Transparent working practises

We make documentation around tools and processes available for free online through this documentation website, with Cloudmarque content available under Open Source licenses. Your organisation is equipped to self-learn best practises, and our Managed Service tiers designed to help build confidence and expertise as you take on more responsibility for managing resources in the cloud.

Green tick for an open culture

Open culture

Alongside our Open Source strategy we provide access to the same material that we use to set the attitudes, behaviours, and competencies of our own teams. We set out the theory behind why good is good, and help equip you to shape your own teams by applying the same learning in your own organisational contexts.

Designed to increase your cloud confidence and compliance, unlock operational excellence, and inspire innovation, CloudTeaming rejuvenates your core IT infrastructure and helps you to innovate for the future, with partnerships designed to extend your teams capabilities.