CloudTeaming App Hosting

Get a custom quote for fully managing one of your applications in a cloud environment to the service level you specify.

App Hosting is our solution for fully managed scenarios, where you want your partner to take complete responsibility for safely and securely running a cloud application.

In practise, this means that you are responsible for providing:

  • Install media or source code
  • Deployment and patching guidance with any necessary licensing
  • Dependencies (secure credentials for accessing web services, etc)
  • Details of the service levels you require (RPO, RTO, response times)
  • Overview of typical application operations

After that, we’ll create automated pipelines and manage the cloud resources which run your application. We’ll also tailor the deployment to track your application’s health, and ensure backup processes are complete to the standard that you request.

What to expect

A typical engagement to supply your application as a service via App Hosting is formed of several steps:

  1. Assessment

    We perform a short consultant-lead engagement to understand the running costs, performance characteristics, and usage of your application. We collect your requirements regarding service levels, and validate that the pre-requisite information (above) is available. In addition, we confirm the number of environments and service windows required to safely and securely apply upgrades and patches.

    As part of this assessment we also seek to understand your aspirations for use of the application, and identify any opportunities to co-invest in the application. Where possible we will seek to reduce cost over time, enhance performance, or help better align with your wider business goals.

    Finally, we discuss your end-of-service requirements with options to simply transfer the cloud resources to your ownership, provide data extracts, and perform additional technical team handover.

  2. CloudTeaming App Hosting Agreement

    A bespoke quote is produced which captures the service levels and approach to service delivery. The quote typically presents a single monthly charge, with best value shown over a multi-year contract:

    Item Quantity Price Payable
    Acme Useful App Hosting 36 £10,000 Monthly

    This example bill shows our simplified charging process for an application

    Cloud resource costs are included in the charge, and payment terms can be tailored to individual needs.

    We also detail any dependency we have on your own staff or resources to help us successfully transition to an App Hosting service, and propose a migration plan.

  3. Service startup

    We share a migration schedule and begin work creating your app’s new home in the cloud. Once this is in place, we migrate your application and seek a “go-live” system acceptance sign-off.

  4. Monitor and manage

    Our expert engineering team monitor and manage your application’s health, ensuring the relevant backup and security processes are in place and applied. We install new patches and perform upgrades, monitor performance, and keep you informed of how your application is performing and issues which need to be addressed by suppliers or development teams.

  5. Service end

    When you no longer need the App Hosting service we follow our agreed end-of-service plan, providing you with the resources to continue running your application without our support. Should circumstances have changed since the end-of-service plan was defined, we will work with you to adapt it to your new reality.

Is App Hosting the right service for you?

App Hosting is a good fit for your organisation when:

  • You operate an application (or suite of related applications) for which you are currently responsible and would like a partner to operate entirely on your behalf
  • You either own the source code or have a supplier responsible for providing updates and patches
  • You want predictable costs and are comfortable establishing a multi-year relationship

App Hosting is a less good fit when:

  • You operate infrastructure hosting an application but have little understanding of the application itself
  • You have no source code, the application is not supported by the software supplier, or the supplier will not provide support for cloud deployments

Ready to speak to someone?

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