CloudTeaming Fully Managed

Delegate management of your cloud infrastructure to our engineering team and let us manage change on your behalf.

CloudTeaming Fully Managed is our advanced solution for shared management scenarios, for customers seeking to retain control of cloud environments working alongside a partner. For this service, Trustmarque take responsibility for all deployment and maintenance tasks and customers are given read-only access to Azure subscriptions.

Similar to our Co-managed service, we deploy our monitoring resources based on Cloudmarque Core. We manage your cloud resources using Cloudmarque according to your requirements, but have no knowledge of the holistic applications or services that they are running (see App Hosting for an app-aware managed service).

  • We are responsible for change in the environment (deploying or reconfiguring cloud resources), health monitoring, and alert management.
  • You request change via service requests which we carry out on your behalf, with read-only access to your subscription.

What to expect

We support both “greenfield” and “brownfield” deployments with Active Management, so we can either provide new Azure subscriptions to be managed with Cloudmarque or manage resources in an existing subscription.

  1. Service startup

    For “greenfield” deployments we create a subscription for you, and deploy Cloudmarque Core components. If you are deploying resources yourselves as part of the Co-managed service it is your responsibility to connect your new cloud resources to our monitoring compoonents, whereas we will do this for you as part of the Fully-managed service.

    If you have existing resources we will deploy Cloudmarque Core. As part of our Fully Managed service we will connect your existing cloud resources to our monitoring components for you, which is achieved via tagging.

  2. Monitor and manage

    Our ongoing service detects and responds to alerts from your cloud environment(s). Over time we tailor monitoring solutions to detect abnormal behaviour and create repeatable (often automated) resolution processes.

    For “brownfield” cloud environments we will monitor the health of pre-existing resources and seek to migrate these into Cloudmarque standard update processes and conventions as part of natural resource churn over time.

  3. Service review

    We hold regular service meetings with your team to review service provision, recurring issues, and discuss cost and performance optimisation. We’ll highlight new services which may offer your better service standards, features, or cost benefits and share service roadmaps over the coming period.

  4. Service end

    When you no longer need the Active Management service we remove our access to your cloud resources and you are free to continue managing the resources yourself. Our public Cloudmarque documentation means that you’ll be able to easily understand how we have managed your environment when you restore management responsibility to your own Cloud Team.

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