CloudTeaming ProConnect

A remote advice and guidance service designed to augment your existing cloud team with additional expertise and experience.

ProConnect is our solution for self managed cloud scenarios, where you want your partner to support you with advice and guidance through your cloud journey. With this service you retain complete control over your cloud, and are fully responsible for creation and management of cloud resources.

This service includes:

  • Contact channels with response SLAs so that you can request advice and guidance on-demand
  • Support through incidents using our standard triage processes
  • Proactive meetings to review your cloud maturity, upcoming cloud services, and potential or known issues

This service does not transfer any responsibility to Trustmarque for correct creation and operation of your cloud resources, so we cannot resolve issues for you. Instead, we support your triage processes by advising with “read-only” views of your cloud estate.

What to expect

Setup for ProConnect involves providing access to the subscriptions you would like our advice and guidance for.

  1. Service start

    To begin the service we can either provision you new subscription(s) with our Managed Service access already baked in, or retrofit this access to existing subscriptions1.

  2. Service requests

    Contact us when you require assistance and we will:

    • Contextualise use of the Cloudmarque architecture and tools to your specific problems.
    • Provide guidance through wider platform documentation.
    • Help you to make decisions by informing you of potential risks and issues over the short- and long-term.
    • Explain how you can fork, extend, and contribute to Cloudmarque.

    We’ll also use your regular feedback to prioritise our tooling development roadmap.

    When you experience problems with cloud resources we can also support you in carrying out triage tasks to find the root cause of a problem via our Incident Management processes.

  3. Service end

    When you no longer need the ProConnect service we remove our access to your cloud resources and you are continue managing the cloud resources yourself.

Ready to speak to someone?

Our team is available to discuss your requirements and identify the services which best fit your needs. When you're ready to find out more, head over to our contact page to arrange a meeting with a consultant.

  1. While this service is designed to work with Trustmarque CSP subscriptions, it is also possible to deploy it across other licensing models (including EA and some framework agreements). To discuss your scenario, please contact us.