Microsoft CSP

As members of Microsoft's Cloud Solution Provider Programme (CSP), Trustmarque are an ideal procurement and management partner across both Azure and Office.

What is a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)?

A Cloud Solution Provider is a member of Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider Programme, which provides partners like Trustmarque with specialist procurement and management tooling for Microsoft’s Cloud Services (Office, Azure, Dynamics, and more).

Trustmarque use this exclusive tooling to create and deliver an awesome and comprehensive customer experience, backed by streamlined processes and technology integrated directly into Microsoft.

How do I set up a relationship with a CSP?

Your current Partner Relationships can be viewed by Administrators in the Office Admin Portal, under Settings > Partner Relationships.

You can have more than one Partner relationship with a CSP, allowing you to partner with other CSP’s to deploy bespoke apps, or support specialist Azure devices. CSP relationships and CSP-provisioned resources can also co-exist with services purchased under other licensing schemes, including under Enterprise Agreements.

There are two ways to establish a new relationship with a CSP like Trustmarque. Having signed our CSP Terms and Conditions:

  • If you already have an Azure AD tenant:

    1. A special invite email will be sent to you
    2. A member of your organisation with Global Administrator rights for your organisation clicks the link in the email invitation
    3. Your organisation’s Global Administrator is able to review and accept the CSP terms
    4. The CSP partner relationship is shown in the Office Admin Portal
  • If you do not have an Azure AD tenant

    1. Trustmarque can create a new Azure AD tenant on your behalf
    2. The CSP relationship is pre-authorised as part of the tenant creation
    3. The CSP partner relationship is shown in the Office Admin Portal

What does a CSP relationship enable the CSP partner to do?

With a CSP relationship in place, a CSP partner is granted rights to perform a number of activities on behalf of your organisation, including:

  • Provisioning new Microsoft cloud services and handling billing for these services
  • Triaging incidents and raising support tickets with Microsoft to resolve issues
  • Administering your services (utilised by the provider to deliver managed services)

Additionally, Trustmarque provides online tooling enabling 24/7 self-service to account information, service status, and provisioning.