Provision services via Azure Marketplace

Create and manage service provision via our public Azure Marketplace service offerings, with transparent access controls and simple onboarding processes.

Trustmarque Azure Managed Services are available through the Azure Marketplace. Provisioning a Trustmarque offer from the marketplace sets up the necessary access permissions for Trustmarque to deliver services into your subscription by automatically provisioning Azure Lighthouse Role-based Access Controls.

Marketplace provisioning and service start

While deploying a marketplace service provides a quick and easy way to configure access permissions it does not enable a commercial relationship or mark the start of service provision. Please contact us to discuss terms and establish a commercial relationship before provisioning our services.

Provisioning a CloudTeaming service

The following step-by-step guide shows how Azure Managed Services can be provisioned from the Azure Portal. While these instructions are valid at the time of writing, the user interface and theme may vary according to your preferences and the latest Microsoft portal updates.

  1. Find the offer in the Azure Portal

    Log in to the Azure Portal as a user with Owner rights to the subscriptions you wish to enable service for.

    • Search for the Service Providers service in the search box (you may want to pin this for easy future access).
    • Open the Service Provider Offers blade.
    • Click Add Offer
    • Search for the marketplace offering you require, or search for Trustmarque to see all our services.
    Screenshot showing how to search for Trustmarque Managed Services in the Azure Portal
    Search for 'Trustmarque' in the Offer list of the 'Service Providers' area
  2. Choose a plan

    Select the Plan you require from the Offer. Some Offers have only a single plan, and you will not have to choose as the portal will default to the only available option. You can read more about the details of the plan you are provisioning on this screen.

    When you are ready:

    • Select your desired Plan.
    • Click Create
    Screenshot showing an Offer overview, and the option to select a plan
    Review the service and select the plan you require
  3. Target a subscription

    In the Basics screen, fill out the fields.

    • Subscription - Choose the subscription to use as the context for the deployment.
    • Region - Choose the region where the deployment will take place. Note that this does not relate to the location where the Managed Services are delivered from, it is purely used for provisioning.
    • Name - Enter a recognisable name for the service, or accept the default.
    • Description - Use this optional field to add any additional narrative information you might need.

    When you are ready to continue, press Next.

    Screenshot showing the Basics wizard step for setting up an Azure Managed Service
    Complete the basic information fields
  4. Review the deployment

    On the final provisioning screen you have opportunity to review the deployment action which is about to take place. This shows the Trustmarque access which will be granted when you delegate access to resourcs, and recaps the data entered on previous screens.

    When you are ready:

    • Check the box to accept the disclaimer
    • Click Create
    Screenshot showing the Review wizard step for setting up an Azure Managed Service
    Review the information and click 'Create'
  5. Provision services

    Provisioning takes place just like any other Azure Resource. Usually the process takes only a few seconds.

    Screenshot showing the Plan provisioning process
    Wait while the Plan is provisioned
  6. Delegate resource access

    Once the Plan is provisioned it will appear in the Delegate Resources blade of the Service Providers screen. Select it, and then click Delegate Subscriptions to choose which subscriptions to make the service available on.

    Screenshot showing the  process for delegating resource access
    Don't forget to delegate resource access after the plan is provisioned

    While it is possible to set up delegated access on only part of a subscription (i.e. a set of Resource Groups) we do not recommend this and our services do not offer this out-of-the-box. Please contact us if you wish to discuss bespoke services with customised Role-based Access Controls; we are able to support this using private offers, not the services on the open marketplace.

If you encounter any problems following these steps please raise a ticket via our Support portal.

Updating your service

From time to time we may release updated versions of our service offering which change the way we access your environment. This may be to offer enhanced automation, better segregate access for our support teams, or simplify management processes.

  1. Find the offer in the Service Providers area

    Log in to the Azure Portal as a user with Owner rights to the subscriptions you wish to update service for.

    • Search for the Service Providers service in the search box (you may want to pin this for easy future access).
    • Open the Service Provider Offers blade.
    • Click the “Update” icon (the circular arrow symbol).

    Note that the “Update” icon is not shown when there are no newer versions of the service to update to.

    Screenshot showing the process for updating a marketplace Managed Service
    The 'Update' option can be tricky to find, it is highlighted above
  2. Review and apply the update

    Before updating you are shown the latest service manifest version and given the opportunity to update to a newer version.

    • Review the changes.
    • Acknowledge the Microsoft provider terms by checking the box.
    • Press Update to upgrade to the latest offer version.
    Screenshot showing the Azure Portal offer update screen
    Review the changes and follow the wizard to update

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